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horses in warfare wikipedia - types of horse used in warfare a fundamental principle of equine conformation is form to function therefore the type of horse used for various forms of warfare depended on the work performed the weight a horse needed to carry or pull and distance travelled weight affects speed and endurance creating a trade off armour added protection but added weight reduces maximum speed, military history of gibraltar during world war ii wikipedia - the military history of gibraltar during world war ii exemplifies gibraltar s position as a british fortress since the early 18th century and as a vital factor in british military strategy both as a foothold on the continent of europe and as a bastion of british sea power during world war ii gibraltar served a vital role in both the atlantic theatre and the mediterranean theatre, discussing horse and rider fear think like a horse - this is one of the biggest problems in horsemanship today fear of horses also known as hippophobia i am going to try and address the many ways that horse fear appears and how it affects the horse and your relationship with your horse, william dawes the forgotten midnight rider history of - according to the book history of the military company of the massachusetts as an ardent patriot dawes often rode throughout the colony trying to find recruits for the colonial cause, robert e lee and his horse traveller historynet - article about traveller the famous horse of robert e lee during the american civil war in photographs the horse s light gray tone blends superbly with the uniform of his rider the images of general robert e lee mounted on traveller give one the sense of a knight on his steed and their noble appearance belies the tragedy of the civil war, horse definition breeds facts britannica com - horse horse a hoofed herbivorous mammal of the family equidae it comprises a single species equus caballus whose numerous varieties are called breeds before the age of mechanized vehicles the horse was used as a draft animal and as one of the chief means of transportation, british military history military press - british military history a series of incredibly detailed insightful publications covering the british army during wwi wwii and the colonial wars including lineage and history of the british army regiments, the town ladysmith history and the boer war - up to about 1812 natal was inhabited by ninety four tribes about 1 million people bearing in mind that the word natal applied only to the bay coastlands known to the early navigators the lands to the north south were known by the tribe inhabiting it the most prolific of whom were the abambo the abambo in turn were divided into sub tribes such as amahlubi amaqwabe amakunze and others, battles pinups and music world war ii comes to life - the historical reenactment of the battle of berlin 1945 photo cezary p cc by sa 3 0 visitors saw just what life was like for army personnel back then how they slept and what they ate and how they used their weapons, persian empire military persianempire info history of the - the persian military cyrus military was modeled in a large degree after that of the assyrian empire although he modified and improved it archer pair spearmen with a large light shield of leather and wicker and