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war horse a history of the military horse and rider - war horse by ltc lou dimarco is a superb history of the horse in military operations since ancient times his detailed description of how mongol warriors accurately shot arrows from a galloping horse is worth the price of the book alone, horses in warfare wikipedia - types of horse used in warfare a fundamental principle of equine conformation is form to function therefore the type of horse used for various forms of warfare depended on the work performed the weight a horse needed to carry or pull and distance travelled weight affects speed and endurance creating a trade off armour added protection but added weight reduces maximum speed, military history of gibraltar during world war ii wikipedia - the military history of gibraltar during world war ii exemplifies gibraltar s position as a british fortress since the early 18th century and as a vital factor in british military strategy both as a foothold on the continent of europe and as a bastion of british sea power during world war ii gibraltar served a vital role in both the atlantic theatre and the mediterranean theatre, history man o war racing icon - history of man o war man o war was foaled march 29 1917 on august belmont ii s nursery stud near lexington kentucky he was sold as a yearling at the august 17 1918 saratoga sales in new york for 5 000 to samuel d riddle of maryland who reportedly thought he looked like a good jumping prospect, a real life war horse witez ii s journey into history - chieftain knight prince hero witez was a bay colt foaled on april 1 1938 at jan w podlaski pronounced yah noff pod lah skee a state stud that bred horses for the polish cavalry he was the son of the great desertbred sire ofir and out of federacja a mare with several generations of polish and hungarian breeding, australian light horse association - welcome to the website of the australian light horse association ltd a non profit organisation whose aim is to preserve the history and tradition of the australian light horse and its predecessors, deborah grace the horse in the civil war reilly s battery - although few people realize it the horse was the backbone of the civil war horses moved guns and ambulances carried generals and messages and usually gave all they had, south african military history society journal the - military history journal vol 4 no 4 zulu war centenary issue january 1979 the anglo zulu war of 1879 isandlwana and rorke s drift g a chadwick b a b com, horse definition of horse by the free dictionary - horse h rs n 1 a a large hoofed mammal equus caballus having a short coat a long mane and a long tail domesticated since ancient times and used for riding and for drawing or carrying loads b an adult male horse a stallion c any of various equine mammals such as the wild asian species przewalski s horse or certain extinct forms related, man o war national museum of racing and hall of fame - the 1920s are considered a golden age for sports heroes in america babe ruth emerged as a cultural icon on the baseball diamond swatting prodigious home runs and making world series victories a rite of passage for the new york yankees, t r the rough rider hero of the spanish american war - colonel theodore roosevelt in cuba 1898 nps among theodore roosevelt s many lifetime accomplishments few capture the imagination as easily as his military service as a rough rider during the spanish american war, william dawes the forgotten midnight rider history of - william dawes was a tanner and a patriot who lived in boston massachusetts during the american revolution william dawes was one of the riders sent by dr joseph warren to alert john hancock and samuel adams of the approaching british army on the night of april 18 1775, civil war guns historynet - information and articles about civil war guns a weapon used in the american civil war many guns were used in the civil war including rifles handguns muskets and bullets many technological advances in weaponry occurred during the civil war rendering the weapons far more lethal and contributing to the enormous casualties of that war, rider fate zero type moon wiki fandom powered by wikia - rider raid is the rider class servant of waver velvet in the fourth holy grail war of fate zero he is able to be summoned by ritsuka fujimaru in the grand orders of fate grand order rider s true name is alexander the great the king of conquerors seifuku summoned as the, vietnam war weapons history of american wars three - vietnam war weapons prior to president kennedy committing more u s military advisors in the early 1960s a new concept in rifles was introduced by the armalite corp and colt again the gas system was upgraded the weight was reduced to 6 pounds which reduced the potential fatigue of the infantryman loaded with other equipment, 33h northern plans to end the war us history - in this photo taken in the summer of 1864 ulysses s grant stands with his most famous horse cincinnati this magnificent horse standing 18 hands high was given to grant in january 1864 by a st louis man who boasted that the mount was the finest horse in the world only one day after their