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the merchant of venice wikipedia - the merchant of venice is a 16th century play written by william shakespeare in which a merchant in venice antonio must default on a large loan provided by a jewish moneylender shylock it is believed to have been written between 1596 and 1599 though classified as a comedy in the first folio and sharing certain aspects with shakespeare s other romantic comedies the play is most remembered, william shakespeare biography and works search texts - william shakespeare 1564 1616 the bard of avon english poet and playwright wrote the famous 154 sonnets and numerous highly successful oft quoted dramatic works including the tragedy of the prince of denmark hamlet neither a borrower nor a lender be for loan oft loses both itself and friend and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry, de vere authorship argument at absolute shakespeare - the case for edward de vere 17th earl of oxford many oxfordians believe that the true author of shakespeare s plays was an aristocrat named edward de vere, william shakespeare plays quotes biography poems - william shakespeare plays while it s difficult to determine the exact chronology of william shakespeare s plays over the course of two decades from about 1590 to 1613 he wrote a total of, julius caesar by william shakespeare search etext read - rhetoric devices in antony s speech hi everyone shakespeare s julius caesar is a tragedy i love passionately i m sweating on it and on other shakespeare s plays namely romeo and juliet and antony and cleopatra for an exam i have to take a second time due to bureaucratic reasons an exam i had got through with flying colours which is all the more annoying, oxfordian theory of shakespeare authorship wikipedia - the oxfordian theory of shakespeare authorship contends that edward de vere 17th earl of oxford wrote the plays and poems traditionally attributed to william shakespeare though most literary scholars reject all alternative authorship candidates including oxford popular interest in the oxfordian theory continues since the 1920s the oxfordian theory has been the most popular alternative, oxford authorship argument at absolute shakespeare - the oxford arguments why shakespeare could not have authored his works the most common reasons oxfordian s present for shakespeare not authoring his works are as follows, william shakespeare the greatest literature of all time - i once read all shakespeare s historical plays in chronological order not in the order he wrote them but in the order of the historical events they supposedly relate, phlit a newsletter on philosophy and literature the - july 3 2003 1 g wilson knight on shakespeare a the occult and the mystical in shakespeare i continue to be impressed by the work of the eminent literary critic and shakespeare specialist g wilson knight, 15 interesting facts about shakespeare yurtopic - 13 shakespeare had a scandalous marriage in the modern era of celebrity worship many people tend to think that scandals are a relatively new phenomenon along with that is the idea that in elizabethan times and even lasting until the 1950s that a scandal could very well of developed just from two people looking at each other too long or perhaps not passing the teapot with the correct hand, 38 facts about shakespeare s 38 plays mental floss - william shakespeare died 400 years ago this month on april 23 1616 his complete works at least 38 surviving plays including several collaborations 154 sonnets and five narrative poems, shakespeare s reputation in elizabethan england - shakespeare s reputation in elizabethan england an account by sir sidney lee shakespeare s popularity and influence for several years his genius as dramatist and poet had been acknowledged by critics and playgoers alike and his social and professional position had become considerable, number symbolism in shakespeare s sonnets 8 and 128 - number symbolism in shakespeare s sonnets 8 and 128 pythagoras perfect numbers triangular numbers and musical harmony by fred blick shakespeare wrote at length about music in only two of the sonnets of his sequence of 154 published as shakespeares sonnets in 1609 and this he did with great musical emphasis in the sonnets deliberately numbered 8 and 128, william shakespeare article about william shakespeare by - shakespeare william dreams in the english renaissance various playwrights made use of dreams as a favorite channel of communication between the human and the divine, katharine hepburn biography imdb - did not suffer from parkinson s disease she set the record straight in the 1993 tv documentary katharine hepburn all about me 1993 which she narrated herself quote now to squash a rumor no i don t have parkinson s, why a final performance is called a swan song - so when did this idea of swans singing before death morph into the specific expression swan song the english version of this appears to have been borrowed from the german schwanengesang swan song with the first known instance of the original german version being georg philipp telemann s 1733 concerto of the same name, laurence olivier biography imdb - laurence olivier could speak william shakespeare s lines as naturally as if he were actually thinking them said english playwright charles bennett who met olivier in 1927 laurence kerr olivier was born in dorking surrey england to agnes louise crookenden and gerard kerr olivier a high anglican priest, anthony m kennedy academy of achievement - listen to this achiever on what it takes what it takes is an audio podcast on itunes produced by the american academy of achievement featuring intimate revealing conversations with influential leaders in the diverse fields of endeavor music science and exploration sports film technology literature the military and social justice